CPAP Side Effects

CPAP Machine Side Effects
Though the use of CPAP machines is the best remedy for those who suffer from sleep apnea there are a few CPAP machine side effects also.

Most of these CPAP side effects are attributed to choosing inappropriate CPAP machines and also the wrong usage of the right machines by patients.

Side Effects of CPAP machines

Most of the CPAP side effects could be eliminated when you talk to your doctor. However, if you experience long term side effects of using a CPAP machine, there are alternatives which you could try with the help of your doctor.

CPAP machine side effects

Dry nose or a runny nose is one of the main side effects of CPAP use. This is due to the air that passes through the nose is being humidified in the nose. The mucous membranes get dried due to this reason. There are remedies for this problem such as using a machine that humidifies the air before it enters the nose.

CPAP stomach bloating is also one of the CPAP adverse effects. This is not a very common problem either. It is normally brought about by the use of two pillows or an oversized pillow. Sleeping without a pillow could be a remedy for this. Using a lower air pressure is also a good way to solve this problem.

Though there are CPAP side effects snoring could be prevented easily with the use of one of these machines. Out of the few CPAP side effects airway getting blocked due to deviated septum is one. Such patients find it difficult to breathe with nose. It also may be due to allergies. However, the best remedy for many CPAP side effects including this is to consult a physician.

Though it is one of the CPAP side effects head ache normally subsides in a few minutes after the sleep apnea patients who use machines wakes up. This could be avoided by using a machine with a heated humidifier.

Finally, of all CPAP side effects dry mouth is one of the problems rarely encountered by sleep apnea sufferers. This could be due to breathing from mouth. The air that flows through absorbs some of the moisture in the mouth and could bring about dry mouth. However, this is not a problem encountered very often. In case you are using a mask that allows you only breathe through mouth, using a full face mask will be a good remedy for this. Most of the CPAP side effects are not difficult to overcome. You only need to consult your physician in order to get the best remedies for them.